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Canclaw Bike Can Holder (12oz Standard & 16oz Tall Can)

Canclaw Bike Can Holder (12oz Standard & 16oz Tall Can)

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The Canclaw is a lightweight, low-profile drink holder for your bike that securely grips your beverage of choice. Hydration is important, and you wouldn't want to be caught without a sport beer after a day in the bike park or at the end of a gravel ride. The Canclaw has even survived several Megavalanche runs.

This clever design was originally created by Team Dosenbier, and I've licensed it to sell in North America. We're big fans of reducing shipping and energy use where possible, so order from Team Dosenbier if you're in Europe.



  • Available for standard 12oz (355ml) cans and 16oz (473ml) tallcans
  • Locking function snaps your can in and provides extra-firm hold
  • Designed for standard bottle cage bolt spacing OR with zipties
  • 3D printed to order out of ultra strong carbon fiber nylon; low 0.12mm layer height for an amazing finish
  • Weight: 30g
  • Made in Canada

Instructions & Fit Info:

  • No returns on made to order items.
  • Please test fit a can in your frame before ordering to ensure it doesn't interfere with linkage, bottles, etc.
  • If you mount your Canclaw with zip ties, I recommend a soft (double-sided) adhesive tape underneath to prevent scratches
  • Compatible with 64mm mount point eyelet spacing and M5 bolts. Most bottle mount bolts work, but the maximum bolt head size is 9.5mm in diameter and 3.5mm tall.
  • I recommend 2 Nm torque on bottle cage bolts.

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