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PRE ORDER: Climb Switch High Performance One Hitter System v2

PRE ORDER: Climb Switch High Performance One Hitter System v2

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This is a PRE-ORDER. V1 is now sold out and I'm now working on V2 of the Climb Switch. Estimated shipping time is Q2 2024. The details of V1 are below and subject to change for V2.


The Climb Switch High Performance System tucks a custom machined one hitter, a Mini BIC lighter, and a small amount of material into your bike’s steerer tube. It’s designed to work with the excellent OneUp EDC top cap system. Made in BC, Canada of 3D printed MJF nylon and 6061 aluminum, it’s light, durable, and inconspicuous. 



  • Includes carrier and one hitter (lighter not included for shipping)
  • Designed for bikes using the OneUp EDC threaded top cap system only. *no affiliation with OneUp Components
  • Fits a standard Mini BIC lighter
  • Small screw-on compartment for carrying material
  • High strength nylon carrier is 3D printed using HP's multi-jet fusion technology with no layer lines and an amazing finish
  • Custom one hitter is machined from 6061 aluminium with no coatings, chemicals, anodizing, or post-processing to dull chamfers
  • Ultra fine holes in the one hitter
  • Inconspicuous and durable
  • One hitter dimensions: 7.94mm x 59mm (5/16” x 2.3”)
  • System weight: ~35g (including carrier, one hitter, and Mini BIC)
  • The carrier and one hitter are made in BC, Canada


  • Will this fit on my bike? Yes, if your bike has a threaded OneUp EDC top cap installed.
  • What about the EDC Threadless Carrier or EDC Lite? No, sorry.
  • Will this fit inside a OneUp pump? Yes.
  • What O-rings does it use? 0.625x0.812x0.103 and/or 0.562x0.750x0.103. You can tune the fit with other sizes of basic hardware store nitrile O-rings.
  • Will you sell me the carrier without the one hitter? No, sorry.
  • Can I have the CAD model and print it myself? No, but feel free to take the idea and make something else cool!
  • How do I get the lighter in and out? To get the lighter in, seat the sparkwheel into the top of the carrier at a 45° angle, with the bottom of the lighter to the same side as the red flint button. Push the bottom of the lighter towards the carrier to clip it in. To get it out, do the reverse.
  • How should I clean the one hitter? Please clean your one hitter before use, and then periodically as needed. Put it in a ziplock bag with a bit of rubbing alcohol, hot water, and a tablespoon of coarse salt. Shake it up, leave it for a few minutes, and rinse.

Fine Print
This product is a bike part/fire starter kit/art piece and you shouldn't smoke illegal things out of it. No returns because I also literally don't know how to do that, but if you have any issues let me know.

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