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Sequence v2 - The Ultimate OneUp EDC Pump Mount

Sequence v2 - The Ultimate OneUp EDC Pump Mount

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The Sequence inline pump holder is ultralight and super strong. It grips the your OneUp EDC pump securely, and the included Voilé strap is way stronger than the O-rings that the stock pump holder comes with.

Save weight and avoid the eye-twitching indignity of a pump off the side of your frame.

September 2023: the update nobody asked for. I sat down and redesigned the pumpholder be lighter, stronger, and simpler. The Sequence v2 is 2g lighter for all your marginal gains, but has even more hold and sits 2mm closer to the bike. The new way of threading a Voile Nano strap through the pump body is cleaner, lighter, and prints more consistently.



  • 29mm diameter for the OneUp EDC pump in either 70cc or 100cc size
  • Custom sizes available for Lezyne, Crankbrothers, Topeak, and more; perfect, consistent fit for each pump size
  • Elliptical design and wide stance provides extra-firm hold
  • 3D printed with ultra-strong, high temperature carbon fiber nylon
  • Low 0.12mm layer height for an amazing finish
  • Comes with a Voilé Nano strap
  • Weight: 10g without strap
  • The pump holder is made in Canada, and the strap is made in USA
  • Requires standard 64mm cage mount spacing and M5 bolts. Most low profile bottle mount bolts work (<10mm diameter x <3.5mm tall heads).
  • I recommend 2 Nm torque on bottle cage bolts.

Custom Holder Instructions:

  • No returns on made to order items, so please check your sizing before ordering. I provide measurements for popular models as a rough guideline only, but as pumps are updated or new ones released, it's your responsibility to measure your pump before ordering.
  • Measure your pump's diameter (ideally with calipers), and then order the appropriate size.
  • Standard holder requires at least 87mm of barrel length to grip. Some pumps have S or XS versions that don't have enough space to grip the pump properly, so let me know. I can customize if needed.
  • Please test fit your pump in your frame before ordering to ensure it doesn't interfere with linkage, bottles, etc.
  • This holder positions the pump 5mm off the bike, which allows most popular pumps to fit closely to the frame. Some unconventional pump heads may interfere with the frame, so use your judgement.

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