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Standby Bike Tube Strap Bracket with AirTag Holder

Standby Bike Tube Strap Bracket with AirTag Holder

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The Standby hides an Apple AirTag inside a low-key bracket that carries a spare tube on your bike. AirTags don't make your bike theft-proof, but this provides some peace of mind in case of a smash-and-grab. It's also useful if (when) an airline loses your bike. The bracket is lightweight, tough, and doesn't look like an AirTag holder. 



  • Fits an Apple AirTag (not included) to keep track of your bike
  • 3D printed out of high strength nylon using HP's multi-jet fusion technology with no layer lines and an amazing finish
  • 9" Voilé Nano strap fits most tubes, other sizes available from Voilé for larger tubes
  • Water resistant
  • Weight: 23g including the strap (34g with AirTag)
  • System weight with Aerothan tube saves ~110g versus a traditional bracket, AirTag, and regular 29er tube.
  • Works best with Aerothan and Tubolito style ultralight tubes (not included)
  • The bracket is made in Canada, and the strap is made in USA

Fine print: Does not include tube or Apple AirTag.

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